She stood there still

She stood there still

Because that is all she could do

With the loud conversation playing in her eardrums

She heard every storyline and recognized everybody voice.

It made her insane for a year and a half

And all kinds on things happened

They think it’s some joke

To be in a position to hurt someone like that.

If you think a simple I’m sorry is going to do it, you’re wrong

If you think hitting like on face-book is going to make it better, you’re wrong.

Nothing is ever going to be the same

And she still stands there still because sometimes that is all she can do.

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Captured Frame

The words fall from her mouth and either you hear the pain as she tries to hold the tears back or the enthusiasm that she has no idea where the excitement came from.  Alone and she’s empty, sad and close to the ocean.

She can’t escape the labyrinth that she has run through for years. There seemed to be a way in but no way out. She’s flung on every branch, leaped on every rock and she’s still stuck running through every area

Falling to the floor, hair frazzled and clothes torn.  This place use to be the most captured place in a single frame now she just feels captured.   Screaming and no sound coming out, dehydrated and no water and cried herself to a sleepless death.  Awakened by sunlight just to start a new day over again.



It Wasn’t…..

It wasn’t easy

It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do.

The tears flowed so heavy

she was drowning in an ocean

that wasn’t even in the same state.

Her bed was the only place of comfort

She stared at her phone

like she knew it was going to ring

and it never did.

When it did ring it was never you.

A piece of my life got shattered

broken into a thousand of pieces

It was like the world was coming to an end

It took a long time for her to realize  you weren’t part of her life anymore.

Even thou it was mutual agreement it still hurt

Time to heal  was all she needed

Things become clear

and it breaks your heart because at this precise moment

you actually know what he meant when he said.,

I love you I’m just not in love with you.

We got to comfortable

and became roommates

and not a couple

It hurt so bad to walk away

from someone you had been with half of your life.

It does get better

but just because you are apart  for four years

doesn’t mean you get back together.

It would be a repeat of our past

We aren’t on the same page

or the same chapter

and it’s because we aren’t reading the same book

and all the pages were out-of-order.


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