Sent in a Prayer

She was close to going deaf

the tears she tried to hold back.

Sadness filled her heart

and this felt like today was the day

that everything  should have been ended.

Out of the blue

someone she doesn’t even know

sent her a prayer

and it was the nicest thing

that a person could ever do.

That I hope we can somehow always

keep in touch and lean on each other for support.


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Just a Touch

I’ve seen the way your face glistens

When you know you have chosen the right team

You come to win

And won’t settle for anything less.

Your smile makes my whole world light up

And at that moment I want to know what you are thinking

Your lips are what sealed the kisses

I want to be the one who knows where your passion lies,

And where the inspiration comes from.

Every day should be a day we fall in love with each other all over again.

When he picked up his glass I could taste the sweetness

That was leading to an anticipation of just a touch.

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It was always you

I can remember the first time I met you

It almost seemed like yesterday

But yesterday just wasn’t our time to be together

And both of us knew it

That no words had to be said

We just went our separate ways

And if our paths ever crossed again

Then in an instant we would both know

That now you are the one person that I think about the most

Our encounter was so brief

That it was so meant to be

That now it’s worth taking the risk

Of knowing it was you all a long

When that day comes

This will be the love we both waited for a lifetime.

Thinking about the warmth of your hug

The smile that the world can see in one picture

And a kiss so sacred that it will no longer be called lust

For once everything will fall into place

So that we can build a house into our home.

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My Breath Is His Air

you have been my secret

never once did I break silence

never once have I lost your gaze

I was always planted in the safest place

of your mind.

When the days became to long

I unraveled the bare essentials to your soul

and locked onto the rich mocha of your flesh

it was a taste that was so rich, so rare that you craved it

until his voice was locked

on a note that blends

so delicate, so raw

that your gasping

for more and more

that when he realizes

it was always you

it was always your breath

that he couldn’t get enough of

then air is when worlds collided

walls were knocked down

and a page that was out-of-order

became the desire

to make it known

that together

you make each other

feel a rhythm that has never been expressed

that has never played a love song

so methodically

that he knows he’s the only one

to break something open

that for always her breath is his air

that goes far deeper then two souls

could ever imagine.

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Captured in seconds

I could never put you in the same category as the last.

If you captured my heart then I saw something in you

that was never in him.

I could never compare anything about the two of you.

If I do that, it means I broke my heart before you had a chance to

and our relationship has already failed.

I want the one person

whose smile can light up my whole world.

I don’t want the normal, usual relationship

I want the things that are so abstract

that only you and I know what that is

Something very rare in a relationship

If you have two then I love them both

This is for eternity that there will be no more name changes.

Are we going back to one or starting the picture with a creation of something new.


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Everybody say’s diamond’s are a girls best friend. 
What cut do you want your diamond to be?
What color and what brand do you want to represent?
This is the most rarest person that has come into your life
and you know that you have waited your whole life for this one person
Once you know there is nothing that can tear you apart
the cut is just right
It fit’s like a glove
the fire is so strong that there is no way that the flames will stop burning.
Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend,
but when you’ve found that one person
there’s no price tag you can put on that.
That’s a moment that’s going to last forever.
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She knows more about you then you know.

You may be number one all over the world

and that’s the role that everybody knows you as

but at the end of the day, when you are home with me

I get to see you take off the mask

and see the real you.

Laid back and fun to be around

You know that my heart is only in one place

and that is in yours.

I already know that it is not going to be any worry, any hesitation

about the two most important people in your life

I will always love them just like I love you

I believe in this so much that one glimpse

was all I needed and never before has that ever happened.

I don’t want to follow you

I want us to be side by side

Creating something that’s so pure, so rare

that nobody could tear apart

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Pure,Powerful and Passion

If I told you a true story

would you want me to tell you


would you like to read what’s written on the paper.

I’m in such an overwhelming state

that I think written on paper is the best

Not because I couldn’t find my words

but because as you read each line

I could see your expression,

I would be able to tell if it touched your heart,

if it was something that you truly believed in,

and if you remembered one moment

where it was so pure

that at the moment it wasn’t

such a bad thing that it was at the wrong time

and how now something is powerful

that it is pulling something out of me

that is connected to you.

It’s not about writing the perfect letter

just for some reaction.

It’s at this one moment

that this is the right time

for me and you

to have the moment that we always said  never existed.

This is something that wasn’t searched for,

There were no telephone calls that were made to see if this was the right time

It was the moment

where the story was told in the picture frame

that  the passion that unlocked  the secret

that nobody ever knew

what the story really was about

except the two people in it

it took more than love to make it this long

it took more than patience to wait on that one person

that you know is the one that sharing a lifetime

is just the beginning of a beautiful gift.

I can’t reveal everything but just remember moments like

these only come once in a lifetime.

You already knew it was always you.


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Once in a Lifetime

The distance is to far for her to act like

there is no feelings at all.

There are so many images

that she wonders how much of a chance is she willing to take.

You are what sets her heart on fire

You are who she want’s to know everything about

from your first thought in the morning to the last thing you think about

just before you fall asleep.

No doubts

just anticipation

of when your words are spoken

or you walk through the door

two people who are so perfectly matched together

that we all know that this only happens once in a lifetime.


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Out the Blue

Why does everything seem so clear

when it hasn’t happened yet

Why does that one moment from the past

now define what the future could be.

How is it so possible to remember everything from a smile,

to the way he touched you.

Out the clear blue sea

he came out of nowhere.

Why this vision came up at the weirdest time

Which doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to happen.

and it could be something of delusional.

One thing for sure, don’t get it twisted

cause it’s the real thing.

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