Daniel’s Plan

The dilemma was the way to function in a foreign land. Changed his name, this was a demonic hostile environment and he had to be adapted to the situations. You don’t have to go far to be in a foreign land. You can cross Broad Street and be in a foreign land. You can go to Wal-Mart to Niemen Marcus and be in a foreign land or you could have a happy marriage to a messy divorce.

What you do and how you do your function. When you find yourself you can function in a foreign land and you need a plan. You need like minded friends. He was around a lot of people, but not everybody was his friend. Real friends don’t have to say Why do you pray, Why did you go to church today.

Decrease in my diet and doesn’t want to eat the king’s food. I may go to have ask for the king, but I’m not going to defile myself. When you depend on the king you become helpless but when you depend on the King of Kings your life will change.

Not about being happy, it’s about being holy. If you want to be like God, you have to be holy. Don’t be embarrassed about being holy. I’m going to demonstrate your own fitness. They don’t like you because you don’t look like them or sound like them or eat like the. If you let us eat our own stuff we will be alright. Just give us ten days to eat our stuff.

Be Rich and Righteous and not Ruthless. Determined to be focused. You may live in a foreign land, but you don’t have to consider that your home. While I was in Ghana for three weeks, there was a whole bunch on chickens in the road. How do they know where home is at? They don’t have no dog tags or chicken tags on. The man responded to me, They know where home is and every night that is where they go.

You don’t have to adopt it, but you can adapt to it. If anybody asks you who you are say, I am a child of God. There comes a time when you have to declare your faith. Your life is on the line- go pray I’m not going to scripture you but I am going to declare my faith. Don’t ask me why I am smiling and not frowning.

I’m going to depend on God’s faith. Daniel had favor with man that he was suppose to kill but God’s favor is faithful. God woke us up this morning, Put me out to make a way out of no way, Fiery Furnace, I’m sitting here right now, I graduated yesterday, I got saved. I may be in a foreign land but I thank God for the favor.

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May is Mental Health Awareness


People with mental health issues are still people and still have feelings, which means you can treat them with the same kind of love and compassion like the people you consider as normal. Trying to understand what they are going through would help instead of putting a wall up and saying, we can’t talk to her anymore or we have to be careful what we say around her. Always remember you could be the cause of the problem and not even know it.

Chances are they took the first step to reach out and you slammed the door in their face and now they really don’t have anything left to say. To open that door is going to trigger something and we have to know that you are going to listen to what we went through, how we went through it and how we survived it.

We may not have your love and support or feel your compassion but always know we do have somebody who is there.



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An Easter Surprise

Matthew 28:1-8  Guest Pastor Dr. Raymond Wise

A pleasant surprise is when you’re treated to lunch or dinner, unexpected check in the mail, pay increase.  When life gets tough everybody looks for a pleasant surprise. Unexpected surprise takes place somewhere you least expect it.  Sudden surprise is boring or mundane but something makes you smile.  You wonder how things are supposed to work out.  Be above and beyond because only God could have done that.

Jesus got victory over death.  The disciples made it through the week.  Thursday Sunday they are surprised that he was still alive to tell the story.  They saw him nailed to the cross and buried. Have you ever had a triple whammy? You get out of a traumatic abusive relationship and go home to be treated with emotional and verbal abuse just to get dumped off in another state.  Yet you lived to tell your story.  That’s an Easter surprise.

Went to the tomb looking for something dead but found something alive.  Jesus was alive and standing up.  Risen from the dead.  God can take dead things and bring it back to life.  The moment I let go God stepped in.  God breathed life into somebody who doesn’t like you.  I have set it up for you to get a blessing in disguise.

He came back.  After everything he came back. Confirm his word.  He had to come back to make the devil a liar.  If the disciples saw them it would solidify their beliefs.  They held him at this feet and worshiped him. He came back and changed us forever.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.   He came back with a gift to last forever, eternal life and salvation.  Two cars and the first car has already paid the fair and the attendant waves his or her hand for them to come through the gate.  That’s God he’s already paid the cost.

Easter is just not today.  When God chooses you to resurrect something in your life, somebody’s bill has already been paid for. Joy, Hope, Love Reconciliation, Power it’s already paid for.



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Skeleton’s Surprise

Dark in a disclosed place.

The house was immaculant.

Pure silence as she walked through the house.

The steps didn’t even creak as she walked up them.

She searched every room as though she was looking for someone but every room came up empty.

She turned around as she felt a presence near her and went down the other hallway and stopped at the door that was half way open. She walked in and saw the image of a skeleton sitting propped up by the window. Someone needed to come take the remains to the resting place where the body deserved to lay.

As she was walking back out the door she heard a little girl screaming Mommy, Mommy but saw nobody in sight. As the tear ran down her face the image became clear and it was her little girl she buried three years ago. What she thought was a tragic day turned out to be one of the best days of her life.


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Affirming Words Letter

The word for today is Intelligence. Being able to think and learn for yourself is a quality that you are going to need throughout life. Get involved with what interests you so that you can expand your mind.


The word for today is Japanese. Get to know people from different countries and different nationalities. Broaden your horizon and you never know what you can learn.


The word for today is kindness. It goes a long way to take time out your day and show somebody some kindness. You never know how much you made their day. You both got something out of you being kind.


The word for the day like. Don’t be quick to say you don’t like something and you haven’t tried it yet. Keep your options open you never know what door might open up for you.


The word for today is Meditate. Take a few minutes out your day to just exhale and inhale to clear your mind, to feel refreshed or to just calm yourself down. This could relieve a lot of stress and make your day just a little more peaceful


The word for today is Nurturing. Show that you have a heart when it comes to babies and young people. They look up to you so much that you are the first impression that they see. Show them what love, caring and understanding is all about.


The word for today is observant. My mom told me to always be aware of my surroundings. Notice the people around you, How many people are in the room, Is anybody acting weird and suspicious?.



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Affirming Words Letter F, G, H


The word for today is Happiness. When things go wrong it’s not a permanent situation and you can always try to bring a happiness in the situation. Tomorrow is going to be a new day so try not to live in the past. Be aware of your surroundings and keep a smile on your face.


The word for today is Gratitude. There is a lot of people who you meet along the way who can help you get to where you need to go,or who will tell you things that you need to know. Listen to them, appreciate them and show some gratitude. This could be the beginning of a new chapter in your life.


The word for today is Focus. Focus your attention on things that matter most to you, things that you are passionate about. Focus your attention on that and you will soar high. Focus on Positive and not Negative, Focus on removing Negative no matter what. Focus on all the things that you are aiming to accomplished or the things that you have accomplished.




Yes I Can

Philippians 4:13

The question is not if I want to lose weight, exercise or go back to school. The question is not if I ought to go stop smoking, drinking or managing anger. The question is not if I need to live a healthy life or pay my bills. The question is whether I am able to do it. Romans 7 I am having a problem with doing the good and evil I do. Everyday doubt tells us I can’t. Difficult, or Defeat says I can’t

The same person who wrote Romans 7 wrote Philippians 4:13. Paul is saying even though I got these thoughts saying I can’t I know I can. He hated on education but I’ve leaned through experience. I know how to abound, suffer and need. Every time I go through something I ask God what are you teaching me? God is teaching you how.

When you come out of how you can say, Yes I can. Expectation is you learn to face the situation. I’m not the only one who found out that I was talking to myself. No cell phone, No Blue-tooth and no Technology. I feel like the Little Engine that could. I think I can, I think I can. When I get to the mountain Yes I can.

Yes you can to your Situation. Personify your problem. Which means talk to your problem like a person. Cancer says I can’t, Yes you can. Can’t get a job in today’s economy. Yes you can. If I have faith, if you say yes to the mountain. You need to speak to your situation, someone needs to go back home and look at your situation. Say yes I can. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus.

Bring the power of Jesus to Yes I Can.

Yes I can turn into Yes I did. Didn’t he feed 5000 people with two fish, walk on water, hands nailed, and died on Good Friday. Yes he did. Yes he is the way-maker, bright morning star and your rock soul and seed. He answers doors, He opens doors that can’t be open and he will save you.




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Affirming Words Letter E and F


The letter for today is Education. It’s important to have a hunger for life. To want to learn about many things to have knowledge. To be able to discuss with someone about Politics, Sports or Health and be able to carry on a conversation. There are many opportunities that you can learn and increase your knowledge. They make it so easy these days there shouldn’t no excuse.



The word for today is Focus. Focus your attention on things that matter most to you, things that you are passionate about. Focus your attention on that and you will soar high. Focus on Positive and not Negative, Focus on removing Negative no matter what. Focus on all the things that you are aiming to accomplished or the things that you have accomplished.


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Alone, Afraid and Terrified


You jumped to a rash decision that was never going to affect your life. Not one time did you ask about it or said you were sorry. She has never in her life known someone who was in shock to be sent off to live with somebody she didn’t know or hadn’t seen in over two decades

Your words were harsh and it’s not because she was weak. You were like everybody else trying to have power and control that you didn’t even know how in shock she was, or how she was rambling and what was supposed to be sentences turned into just one word.

In that instance you treated her worse than anybody ever had and you were the one that meant the world to her. Everything shattered in an instance and the second she got out the car she had been through three breakdowns in three different cities.

Alone, Afraid and Terrified and still felt trapped and torched in somebody else reality show. It was the most tragic event ever to have happened to her and there were so many unknown people, familiar people, she saw so many visions that her head was about to explode again and this man was mean and had no ideal how to treat someone. Guess I was supposed to be reliving something just because you thought she was use to something.

The thing is she never thought that she was weak, she was always strong and her faith was so strong. she may cry tears, have thousand of things that she will never know of and be 295.7 but at least I’m alive, safe, surrounded by love and not letting power and control define me anymore.


Affirming Words Letter D


D is for Determination. You have to have the strength and will to want to do something. Someone else can’t force you because it will never happen and you won’t give your best effort. It’s like if you are little and you are trying to learn how to walk. At first it was funny but now you’re tired of falling. You are so determined that when you do it you don’t even realize how easy it really is. Nobody holding your hand or no furniture to hold on to. Just your own determination.


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