Her balloon went flying in the air

and the young adorable little girl

went running after it.

She stopped in her tracks

and another little girl handed her the balloon

it was like looking in a mirror

In that split second

her hand was grabbed and she was whisked away to the car

without ever seeing the girl again.


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You know her

You all know her

The harder you said you would never be her

seemed to be the easiest thing to fall into.

She shields her face

because the pain became unbearable

and at least this way the tears can’t ever fall.

She walks in darkness of the hallways

trying to figure out how she got here

and how to  get out.

Every door is a dead-end

She trembles in fear

because she doesn’t know

the day, the time, the moment

Everything just seems to blend together

You all know her

you just talk about her differently to other people

while the whole time it was really you.



In her own world

She lives in her own world

full of confusion,

questions left unanswered,

It feels like someone ripped her heart out with their bare hands.

She’s cried so many tears

and even they don’t have nowhere to go anymore.

She lives in her own world



Blood isn’t suppose to betray you

that’s a hurt that can never be fixed

Alone with a man she hadn’t seen in over a decade

Who’s idea was that?

passed to someone else when he got tired

which was two weeks.

Alone, silent, not knowing what the next day held.

Calling shelters

to be on a waiting list.

Her body was frail

Frail like you could blow air on her and she would fall to the ground

frail like everything you eat you getting thinner and thinner.

When she called blood

they were too busy to talk

couldn’t take time out their day

She was gone for four years

came back and got treated worse than what she had become

accustomed to.

She will never be

the person she was before

that person is dead

and sometimes from the look of things she wished she was to.


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She walks the hallways of darkness

each step she’s stepped a thousand of times

that she doesn’t have to reach or feel

to know she is going in the right direction

Her shoulders back, her head up.

she walks to the beat of her own runway

Each step she takes

she seems to end up

right back

at her first step

in the shadows

of rage

that she has learned how to survive

just for the sake of love.

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Dancing in the Dark

She never danced in the dark

because she was always worried about somebody else.

She lived, and breathed his dream for so many years

that she started to hate herself. She might have known but there wasn’t

anything that you could tell her that would make her look the other way.

His life became her life

and when it was over she still somehow lived there.

Things change, People change, Hearts change

but the one thing that always remained was loyalty

She never danced in the dark

because her eyes were always closed

and her words sung a different tune

She was lost in a world

that was unfamiliar,

It was too loud to be silent

but through it all she always thought that it was going to stop.

She never danced in the dark

because she died one night

Her heart couldn’t take it anymore and it just stopped

Her body unidentified

and when someone gave her air

she was inside of a dance

that had no instructions .

she couldn’t tell if she was supposed to live or die

she doesn’t know why death was so close to her

why he just didn’t take her.

She never danced in the dark

because he never gave her a chance to come up for air

because when she realized it was a joke

it hurt her so bad

that she wished that it was her last breath

When she loves she loves hard

and this was a dance that she was never ready for

that it had so many steps, so many routines

that she tried to keep up and not get anything wrong.

She never danced in the dark

because when she opened her eyes

nobody was there.



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